The Secret Fates of Heroes

Valentine, part 2

Flow was still pulling her jacket on as she followed behind Trinia. Her friend was rushing away from the Diner with some speed.

“Whoa, hold up, wait!” she cried, nearly tripping over her own steel-toed boots multiple times in an attempt to catch up.

“That was quite the display, wasn’t it?”

Trinia just nodded as her feet put distance between herself and the Diner. She stared at her notebook, still making notes. Flow looked perplexed.

“Sucks about that drink of yours, splashed all over Zack…”

Trinia just nodded again.

“Or that we had to leave?”

More nodding. Flow, frustrated at the lack of a response, snatched the notebook from her friend’s hands. Trinia leapt after it, but Flow bobbed and weaved away from her grasp.

“Ah ah ah! Why are you so focused on this? It’s just the budget for the Spring Dance. You don’t care about this kind of garbage! You should have finished it ages ago!”

Trinia looked desperate, her eyes filled with fear, rage, and despair.


Flow dropped her jaw with a look of mocking surprise. She continued to hop out of her friend’s hands, now looking at the page.

“Oh my God, this is your little love journal! No wonder you aren’t using a tablet to tabulate the budget, you’re not…”

She paused, staring at the page with a look of confusion. Trinia took the opportunity to snatch the notebook away from Flow, holding it close to her. For her part, Flow just stood there.

“That wasn’t the budget, or a love journal, was it?”

Trinia looked at Flow with some anger.

“You shouldn’t have seen that,”

Trinia began walking away, even faster now.

“Oh no! Nope, you don’t get out of this that easily. What was that? You had notes about the security parameters of the old school gymnasium! You had notes about reducing the cost of lives! What are you planning!?”

Trinia stopped walking.

“Just drop it,”

“Look, I think I should go to the police…”

Trinia jumped at Trinia with an outstretched hand.


A few people walking by gave them an odd look. Trinia shuffled up to Flow, head low, and muttered.

“Alright, I’ll tell you, but not here,”



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