The Secret Fates of Heroes

Valentine, part 3

Charda squeaked out an excited proclamation of her approval.

“Wow, Jenny! You really let him have it! I’m so proud of you!”

Sally rolled her eyes and grumbled.

“You acted like a complete idiot. The whole diner was looking at us—well, at least the ones who stayed around for the show.”

Minney placed a hand on Jenny’s shoulder as she smiled, and chastised Sally.

“I think she stood up for herself like a pro,” she proclaimed. “It’s important to stand up for yourself, you know.”

“Yes, it is,” agreed Sally in a meek voice. “Only dumping drinks and throwing ‘random’ fingers aren’t exactly a mature way of handling such a delicate situation.”

Charda laughed as she displayed her phone proudly.

“I got it all on my Snapchat story, see? I’ll be seeing Zack’s face when Jenny pulled the ‘big one’ for at least 24 hours. It was priceless!”

Misty agreed as she nodded her head, having returned to her normally somber self. Kelly, not wanting her friends to keep fighting, attempted to shift the conversation.

“So, is everyone excited about the Valentine’s Day dance?”

Kelly was not disappointed, for the chatter amongst the group exploded like a wildfire. However, as the girls kept on gabbing about boys, dresses, and dancing, Misty was looking at Jenny. The girl was normally going on and on about such things, but despite her recent ‘triumph’ over Zack, she had been uncharacteristically silent and somber since the group had departed from the Diner. Misty, confused, asked her why.

“Sorry, Misty,” said Jenny in a quiet voice, gesturing at her now stained dress. “I just don’t think I’m up for the dance anymore.”

Charda wagged her finger at the dress, and spoke knowingly.

“Cheer up Jenny! I happen to have a solution that will get that right out!”

“Run while you can, Jenny,” Misty suggested. “Remember the last time Charda said that she could fix our clothes?”

All of the girls cringed deeply. . . even the seemingly depressed Jenny. Charda threw her hands up in frustration and cried, “Well, how was I supposed to know the solution would smell like bile when it got wet? Geez!”

“Come on,” insisted Sally. “Everyone will be there. Even me! We’ll miss not having you there.”

A weak smile crossed over Jenny’s features. “I’ll think about it.”



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