Prologue: Dungo

“What a mighty hero! Ready to rescue the ale from any mug!”


Dungo was a disillusioned bard known far and wide for his withering insults, capable of reducing the most confident lord to a shaking mass. Things did not end swimmingly for Dungo, as he was fatally munched by a ghoul. Before he succumbed to ghoul fever, he spat out one last curse: that the citizens of Pendros would be haunted by his sharp tongue for all time. However, his curse backfired, as only his head was granted immortality; the ghouls had eaten the rest of him.

Dungo retains a vestigial ability to hurl insults, even with the lack of lungs (or the need to breathe, for that matter. Lilly Paramentor found his insults to be rather amusing, and decided to turn the strange talking head into a gambling game.


Prologue: Dungo

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