Louie Lewis

Pierre's foster son claims he can speak with the dead and hosts the popular Ghosts of Pendros TV show


Forgive, O Lord, my little jokes on Thee
     And I’ll forgive Thy great big one on me.

         -Robert Frost


- Born a mutant with the ability to see ghosts. “Imaginary friends” doted on him and were around him all the time, sometimes told him to do or say things that worried his parents and got in trouble

- Diagnosed with childhood mental illness, placed on antipsychotics and later institutionalized.

- Ran away and lived on the streets for a while before being taken in by Pierre and mentored by Kasumi

- Studied anthropology at University of Pendros.

- Was accused of killing a student during a botched break-in at the university archives. Eye-witness testimony had him dead to rights, but the witness disappeared under mysterious circumstances (Pierre used his contacts to discover that Garren was behind the murder and had forced the “witness” to blame Louie, but Garren had the witness killed before he could recant the story).

- Had to drop out of school, made ends meet by working as a psychic medium and eventually hosted a show on Pendros Local Television (working title is Ghosts of Pendros, but I may come up with a better one.

- Got a lead on Garren planning something at a museum and went to snoop around… and died a violent death.

- Met a being called a Geist in the underworld and made a pact to bind their souls together and escape the underworld. Now he’s trying to figure out what to do with his second chance

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Louie Lewis

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