Your proficiencies define the items your character has gained training and instruction in so that they understand how to use them. If you attempt to use an item that you are not proficient in, you receive a -4 penalty on all checks made to use them, you have disadvantage when using them, and, except for the most basic of items or uses of the item, it is very likely your character cannot use an item they are not proficient with.

One way to think about this question is to consider whether a character could become better at a particular task using an item through training and practice. If the answer is no, it’s fine to say that no proficiency is needed. But if the answer is yes, assign an appropriate proficiency to reflect that training and practice.

How do I gain a new proficiency?

You need to train and spend a bit of money to gain a new Proficiency. This depends upon how many Proficiencies you already have in that category. Add up all of your proficiencies, and then compare them to the chart below. This dictates how long and how expensive it is to gain 1 new proficiency.

Number of Proficiencies you already have in the category Training Time Training Cost
1-4 10 days Wealth DC 15 or 20 GP
5-10 15 days Wealth DC 17 or 40 GP
11-16 20 days Wealth DC 18 or 60 GP
17-20 25 days Wealth DC 19 or 80 GP
21+ 30 days Wealth DC 20 or 100 GP

Weapon Proficiencies
Armor Proficiencies
Tool Proficiencies
Vehicle Proficiencies


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