Blood Sports

Nikos is currently the owner of the Arena, even though his lieutenant Jimmy is the legal holder. In addition to owning the most powerful and popular fighting arena, Nikos also runs a number of smaller fighting pits.

Lieutenant: Jimmy the Shark

The Arena The Arena isn’t just a fighting pit of incredible size, it is a multi-adaptive area that can shift and transform at the arena owner’s whim. It is itself an incredibly powerful tool, and can even move locations and arms itself if needed. The former arena owner was Keerianinor d’Blade, who was tricked into handing The Arena’s license over to Jimmy the Shark. It’s former Master of Ceremonies was Flow McCook.
Officer: Bear Tuttle

The Pit An almost literal pit in the ground, the pit is where up and coming underground fighters can actually begin to make their mark, going beyond simple street-based matches. While it does feature near-lethal to outright lethal fights, fighters can only enter the pit of their own volition; no thralls, no zombies, no summoned beings, and no slaves. It was acquired from Flow McCook who lost it gambling.
Officer: No’Jal the Pitmaster

The Destroyer Dome: A large, circular arena that is used to host robot blood sports, Light Cycle tournaments, and monster truck demolition derbies.
Officer: Darla Dawnstar

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Blood Sports

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