Spells in the Secret Lives of Heroes

Because of the essential differences between Secret Lives of Heroes and the standard fantasy roleplaying of the d20 system, certain spells are not appropriate for a Secret Lives of Heroes campaign. Specifically, any spells that reference alignment should not be used, as well as spells that allow direct travel to other planes.
However, certain spells might have general effects that make them suitable for a Secret Lives of Heroes game even though they also feature additional effects based on non-existent game elements such as alignment. For such spells, simply ignore the irrelevant features.

  • The following spells from the PHB are not used in Secret Lives of Heroes:
    Align Weapon, Blasphemy, Bless Weapon, Cloak Of Chaos, All Cure Spells, Detect Chaos/Evil/Good/Law, Dictum, Dispel Chaos/Evil/Good/Law, Holy Aura, Holy Smite, Holy Sword, Holy Word, Identify, Imbue With Spell Ability, Lesser Restoration, Mage’s Lucubration, Magic Circle Against Chaos/Evil/Good/Law, Mark Of Justice, Mnemonic Enhancer, Order’s Wrath, Protection From Chaos/Evil/Good/Law, Shield Of Law, Undetectable Alignment, Unholy Aura, And Unholy Blight.

The following spells from the PHB exist in Secret Lives of Heroes in modified form, and are described in the wiki:

Cure spells are replaced by Convert spells

Protection from Alignment Spells and Magic Circle against Alignment Spells are now replaced with Circle of Protection and Greater Circle of Protection.

Certain spells in this game have a special tag: technomagic. Such spells are cast normally, but the technomagic tag indicates that their magic specifically references and interacts with computer systems and electronic devices.

Spell-Like Abilities
If you have a Spell-like ability, and are able to cast spells, you add the spell to the spells you are able to draw from. For classes that prepare spells, you add the spell to your spell-list or item that contains spells (like a spellbook) and if you spontaneously cast spells, you add the spell to your list of spells known. Note that adding the spell does not necessarily mean you gain the capacity to cast it; this means that if the Spell-like ability is a 5th level spell, but you can only cast up to 3rd level spells, you are not able to cast the spell yet.

New Spells
Abandoned Pebble
Arcane Graffiti
Arcane Hacking
Black Karma Curse
Burglar’s Buddy
Call of the Spirits
Circle of Protection
Clown Car
Commune with City
Conjure Knowbot
Convert Critical Wounds
Convert Light Wounds
Convert Moderate Wounds
Convert Serious Wounds
Crawling Carpet
Create Ectoplasm
Detect allegiance
Detect Curse
Detect Ghost
Detect Return
Digital Phantom
Discordant Chord
Disrupt Ectoplasm
Electromagnetic Pulse
Find Vehicle
Hellish Rebuke
Improved Arcane Lock
Infallible Relay
Inner Fire (Lesser)
Instant Connectivity
Instant Identify
Invisibility to Cameras
Machine Invisibility
Magic Bullets
Magic Circle
Magic ID
Magic Message
Maginet Query
Mask Metal
Mass Convert Light Wounds
Phantom Chopper
Phantom Limousine
Phantom Projectiles
Preserve Ectoplasm
Protection from Ballistics
Rage of Bees
Recall Tale
Relay Text
Remote Access
Secret Pocket
Secret Vault
Shadowmoth Plague
Steal Life
Summon Air Vehicle
Summon Vehicle
Summon Water Vehicle
System Backdoor
Trace Purge
Undetectable Magical Aura
Via Negativa
Wall Walk
Wire Walk

Spells in the Secret Lives of Heroes

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