Action Points

What are Action Points?
Action points give character the means to affect game play in significant ways, by improving important rolls or unlocking special abilities. Each character has a limited number of action points, and once an action point is spent, it is gone for good.

Starting Action Points
A beginning (1st-level) character starts the game with 5 action points. A character above 1st level starts the game with a number of action points equal to 5 + 1/2 his current character level.

Acquiring Action Points
Every time a character advances, they reset the number of action points that they have, equal to 5 + 1/2 their new character level. At 4th level, this becomes 6 + 1/2 their character level, and at 9th level it becomes 7 + 1/2 their level, and at 16th level is becomes 8 + 1/2 their level.

Your character also gains an action point at the end of a session when they take any of the following actions at least once:

  • Acting against your Nature
  • Acting in accordance with your Demeanor
  • Acting against a Desire
  • Acting against a Moral Code
  • Acting in favor of a Shortcoming
  • By letting a Conflict hinder you

It should be noted that leveling up does causes a character to lose any action points they’ve earned, so players are encouraged to use them or lose them.

Using Action Points
Spending an action point is considered a non-action. Unless otherwise stated, each effect lasts 1 round. You can spend action points to do any of the following:

  • Improve a d20 roll by adding the result of a 1d6 roll to it. You can declare the use of an action point to alter a d20 roll AFTER the roll is made, but only BEFORE the GM reveals the result of that roll. You can’t use an action point to alter the result of a d20 roll when you are taking 10 or taking 20. At 8th level, you roll 2d6 instead, and at 15th level you roll 3d6 instead.
  • A character can spend 1 action point to gain another use of a class ability that has a limited number of uses per day.
  • A character can spend 1 action point as a free action when fighting defensively. This gives him double the normal benefits for fighting defensively for the entire round.
  • During any round in which a character takes a full attack action, he may spend 1 action point to make one extra attack at his highest base attack bonus. This must be done after the character has taken any other attacks available to them, and this extra attack cannot be turned into additional attacks, through say the use of feats, class abilities, or any other possible means of turning 1 attack into multiple attacks (for example, Cleave).
  • A character can spend 1 action point as a free action to increase the his effective level by 2 for the purposes of determining how an ability resolves. He must decide whether or not to spend an action point in this manner before using said ability. This does NOT grant the character access to abilities that may be available to him at higher levels, including improved versions of the ability. This is only to grant a numerical boost to the ability in question. This can be used to improve a spell’s caster level, for example, but not to be granted improved evasion if they already have evasion
  • Spellcasters and Psionic characters can spend 1 action point to cast/manifest again, for free, any spell/power they cast/manifested in the previous round, albeit they are subject to any conditions they may find themselves in the current round (being grappled, for example), and they must have the action available to cast/manifest the spell/power again (for most spells/powers, they must have a standard action available, for example). Spells that require more than 1 full-round to cast may not be cast again with this use of an action point, and spells that require material components and/or focuses still require them, meaning that a caster that needs to use an expensive material component will need another of that material component.
  • Any time a character is dying, he can spend 1 action point to become stable at his current hit point total.
  • You can spend action points to add the effect of any one metamagic feat that you have to a spell you are casting. The spell is cast at its normal level (without any level adjustment because of the feat) and takes no extra time to cast, but you must pay a number of action points equal to the required level adjustment to do so; this expenditure overrides the normal number of Action points one may spend in a given round, and only counts as 1 for the that purpose.
  • You may spend 1 action point in a given round to gain one more move action in a round, as long as you haven’t taken a Full-round action, or plan on taking one.
  • Expend your Presence of Mind, if you have it.

Action Points per Round
You may only spend a number of action points equal to [(your Constitution Score + your Wisdom score) / 10], to a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 4. This is known as your APPR.

Presence of Mind
Merely holding a reservoir of action power points in mind gives characters a special sort of focus, gaining the ability to remain calm and take quick, sensible action. Click here to learn more

Action Point Feats:
Action Boost
Action filled Attack
Action Focused
Action Packed
Action Surge
Amazing action filled Attack
Just a Flesh Wound
Narrow Mind
One with Action
Spell Surge
Spirit of Action
Up the Walls
Wounding Attack

Action Points

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